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  • Account rights on domain

    Is it possible with Hyena to:
    Take one global account in a domain and find out what rights/permissions it has:
    1. on a particular server
    2. on all servers in one domain?

    I don't just want to know it's groups memberships, but if any individual NFTS permissions were applied to it in some directory on a any particular server.
    Exportor Pro will sort of do this for the share permissions, but I don't see anything about the NFTS permssions.

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    Re: Account rights on domain

    Exporter Pro can export NTFS permissions for one or many servers using the Security Access export along with a temlate under File/Directory. You'll need to create the template under File/Directory to tell Hyena what files and such to export information for, and check the Files and Directories box on the Security tab.

    You can't specify a group at this time, though, so you'll have to filter the output to find the group you are interested in.