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Changing Inheritance and Ownership on Directory Contents

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  • Changing Inheritance and Ownership on Directory Contents

    Hi All,

    I have a couple thousand home folders that need to have the permissions and ownership reset on the contents. The 6.6 beta of Hyena allows the resetting of the ownership on the home folder to match the user name but this only gets set at the top folder level, the contents (files and folders) remain as they are. This is by design so that Hyena isnt bogged down while changing the permissions and ownership on the contents.

    Using xcacls.vbs, I can make the changes I need, but it takes soooo long! A folder containing 48 files took 8 minutes to process. With thousands of folders to do, this looks like a very long term proposition.

    Basically, I looking for some tool to do this:
    1) Reset inheritance on the contents (just the contents) of the users Home folder. The Home folder itself is set correctly, but the rights below are somewhat muddled.

    2) Reset the ownership of the contents (again just the contents) of the users Home folder to match their user name. Incidentally, the folder name is the same as the user name if that makes a difference.

    3) Do all of the above in a more timely fashion than doing a script.

    If anyone out there can suggest something for me, it would be greatly appreciated.