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Execute programs on remote systems

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  • Execute programs on remote systems

    Hello, Other than scheduling a task is there a way to execute a command on a remote system within Hyena? I've been using PsExec from to do this. Thanks, Mack

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    Re: Execute programs on remote systems

    Microsoft does not have any mechanism to execute remote processes on remote systems, unless the action is carried out by another application/process on the remote system. PsExec installs a small service, executes the task, then removes itself. You can use WMI through Hyena to execute a remote task, but Microsoft crippled WMI to only execute remote tasks if they do not have a GUI. If you are executing something that run non-interactively, and want it to run immediately, and have the Enterprise Edition, and if WMI is functional in your environment, then you can try it.

    To use it, right click on a computer, select WMI->Create Process.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.