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Remote mapped network drives

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  • Remote mapped network drives

    Hi all,
    Have seen a few posts mentioning the use of "net use" to get a list of mapped drives on a remote PC. Try as I might, can't get it to work, using (I think!) pretty well all different options including different users, full path names, etc but the best I can get is a message that says "There are no entries in the list", or perhaps I can get a list of persistent mapped drives, but not those mapped by, say, a login script..... Any answers?

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    Re: Remote mapped network drives

    I'm having the same problem. I type psexec \\remotecomputername cmd. Then I type net use and no mapped drives are shown.
    Has anyone found the fix for this?


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      Re: Remote mapped network drives

      I too have tried net use for this and I get the same result. I need to see the mapped drives from a script too.

      net use works on the local machine but net use over the network even with psexec only gives me a message saying none in list.


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        Re: Remote mapped network drives

        Near the bottom of this thread is a possible way to get psexec working for this:


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          Re: Remote mapped network drives

          using the -u for psexec I guess you mean.

          This just asks for a password.

          My batch file contains:

          @echo off
          cd \PSEXEC
          psexec.exe \\%1 net use

          and I have tried putting the -u after psexec.exe.

          the Hyena command is:

          cmd /x /c m:\hyena\drives.bat

          Obviously the user on each machine is going to be different so is there a way of adding the user account as a self populating variable with a user$ command or similar?


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            Re: Remote mapped network drives

            As far as I know, mapped drives and printers are local settings specific to a particular user account. They are stored in the registry. So, if you run Net Use or any command in a remote shell, you are running the command from the context of the account that the application is running under. There isn't any easy method to get drive and/or printer mappings for a specific user as they are stored in the registry under a SID hive under HKEY_USERS.

            To do this, you essentially have to have a special utility designed for just this purpose; a general purpose utility like Hyena or a custom scripting solution will have a hard time doing this.

            A logon script that maps printers and drives when the user logs on gives more control, but you have to set it up first.

            This assumes that I understand what is being attempted...
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.