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    Ok, first let me say that I was hesitant about asking this question. I feel pretty damn comfotable using Hyena. In fact you could say a power user of Hyena. Though Exporter Pro is uncharted territory for me
    Is there a way to set the filter in Hyena so that I only see users and not the computers? DSA.MSC has the ability to filter down to each object. But I hate dsa.msc as many other Hyena users tend to feel.

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    Re: Filter View

    I may not understand your question, but I think what you are wanting can be accomplished with the OU Filtering Toolbar. When you click on an OU you should see a toolbar at the bottom of Hyena. Choose the object types you want to view, then as you navigate the OU structure you will only see those types of objects.


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      Re: Filter View

      **Kicks the ground and walks off***