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moving folders to a different server

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  • moving folders to a different server

    I am trying to move users folders from one central server to another. Hyena moves the folders, but the user no longer has permission to access them. Only administrators can access them. I would like to have only domain admins (or backup operators) and the user to be able to get into their folder.
    I can do it manually (about 350 users) but was hoping there was an automated way to do this.

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    Re: moving folders to a different server

    Ah young padawan.
    Ok, first make your share on the new sever. Set the security up exactly as it was on the previous server. Then copy your user folders over to the new server.
    Now make sure you have Home Direcotry templates setup. Then once you have moved the folders over. You would select all the user you need to remapp. Then set thier new home profile. It will prompt you for a template to use. On the left hand side of the template there is an option to "overwrite existing directory security". Check this box. Then it will remap the home directories for your users and change the NTFS rights to what ever is declared in the template.