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How do I block Hyena

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  • How do I block Hyena

    As an IT Admin, I was asked if there was a way to prevent Hyena from seeing our network should the program fall into the wrong hands. For example, a user installs Hyena on their workstation and then can see the network. Even though they may not have the credentials to actually do anything, I don't want them to see anything either. Other than not allowing users to install software via GPO, is there some other way to cripple Hyena's ability to run against a network?


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    Re: How do I block Hyena

    Hyena uses built-in Windows functions to retrieve data, so if someone was looking for this information there are many different utilities out there (including free tools and MMC) to get the same information.

    I guess the only real way to do this would be through GPO or some other method of restricting access.