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    I am currently trialling Hyena for my company and want to know if its possible to make it provide centralised logs, such as a singe, consolidated view of all error messages from all our servers event logs, instead of having to trawl through each servers' viewer individually.

    Also, I need a way to check for installed applications on all our client machines. For instance, I want to run a check to see if anyone has installed Kazaa on the network and don't want to check the add/remove lists for every client individually. Is there a way I can create a report that would check every machine and see if they have any programs installed with a matching name?

    Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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    Re: Centralised Logging

    In Hyena you can select your servers in the right window, then right-click and choose Events->Filter Events. You can then specify the events you want to view, and Hyena will pull those events from all of the selected computers and display them in the right-hand window. From there you can sort or filter further, or save the data to a delimited text file.

    For your other question, the Exporter Pro utility included with Hyena will export installed software information from as many computers as you choose. The output can be opened with Excel where you can sort this data to find the software you are looking for.


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      Re: Centralised Logging

      Thanks, that's great!!