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Can I Filter by User Profile Paths?

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  • Can I Filter by User Profile Paths?

    I've got roughly 50% of users with a profile path pointing to one store and the other 50% pointing to another store.

    eg. 50% \\server01\profiles\%username%
    50% \\server02\profiles\%username%

    I have to do this for security purposes.

    No OU's have been set up to separate the users, therefore an OU may contain 20 users who's profiles point to "location A", and 50 users who's profiles point to "location B" the only way to tell is to access the users properties.

    i am in the process of migrating 50% of the user profiles to a new server.

    I wanted to know if there is a way for me to filter and then mass change the user accounts based on profile. eg:

    1) Find all users who's profile points to \\server01\profiles\%username%

    2) Change the profile path to:



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    Re: Can I Filter by User Profile Paths?

    Right-click on All Users and choose Tabular Views->User(Detailed-General). This will display your users and various properties for those users in the right window. Scroll over and find the Profile column. Click the Filter icon on the toolbar, then type in server01 (from your example) into the filter box for the Profile column.

    This will filter out all users that don't have that in their profile. Once you have only those users you can select them with a ctrl-a, then right-click and choose Properties. Go to the Profile tab and make the change to the new server. When you click OK this will be changed for all selected users.