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Bypass error messages with multiple workstations

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  • Bypass error messages with multiple workstations

    Is there any way to bypass error messages when performing an action on multiple workstations in Hyena? When I try to log on to multiple workstations, let's say 1000, I keep getting prompted when one is turned off for example and execution halts until I hit ok. This takes a long time! I am running Hyena 6.3 B.

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    Re: Bypass error messages with multiple workstations

    Sorry for the delay in a reply...I didn't see your post for some reason.

    This particular operation does not have a way to prevent errors. You can perform this step using a batch file and maybe this would be a better option, as you can just setup a tool command to do this in Hyena, then execute it.

    I've never encountered anyone needing to do this on this many computers at one time. You can get around this if you setup a computer account with the same username and password as you are currently using on each of these computers.

    Let me know though if you want to try the batch file approach.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.