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GMT/UMT Timezones in DumpEVT

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  • GMT/UMT Timezones in DumpEVT


    DumpEVT is pretty much everything I need at the moment, but there's one more thing (isn't there always?) that would make it nearly perfect.

    Is it possible to have the timestamp of entries that it exports stored as GMT/UMT results? (rather than the adjusted time?)

    There's a comment in the version history that a bug in UMT conversion was fixed, which got me to wondering if that conversion can be disabled..

    Reason for all this being is that we have domain controllers in different time'd be very handy to be able to collect the logs centrally, but to 'mush' them together in a meaningful way they would have to have an agreed time point of reference...

    If not, any suggestions on how to manage servers in differing timezones for logs, anyone?

    Thanks again!

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    Re: GMT/UMT Timezones in DumpEVT

    Let me know if a modification to DumpEvt works for you:


    You will need to modify the dumpevt.ini file to have the line:


    After that, your output times should be in GMT.

    Let us know how this works out.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: GMT/UMT Timezones in DumpEVT

      Um, wow.


      Seriously, that's got to be hands down the best support response I've *ever* had to a product question. (one of the fastest new feature request-to-implementation I've seen, anyway)

      At this early stage, that appears to be working exactly the way it's supposed to. If we run into any oddities, we'll certainly let you know.

      Do you think this modification could make it's way into the general release? I think it's a really good example of a simple optional change that some people might benefit from.

      Once again, thank you very much.


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        Re: GMT/UMT Timezones in DumpEVT

        This is meant for a general release item, as I just wanted some first-hand feedback on the change.

        Thanks for testing and let me know if you encounter any problems.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          Re: GMT/UMT Timezones in DumpEVT

          fyi, the DumpEvt download on our site has been updated with this revision.
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.