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Multiple Server Shutdowns

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  • Multiple Server Shutdowns


    I have about 40 servers in my server room that I need to shutdown for server room maintenence, emergency shutdowns etc etc.

    Is there a away Hyena can do that in a staged fashion. I have over 100 servers in the domain but I only want to effect the ones located in the server room here on site

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    Re: Multiple Server Shutdowns

    You can select your servers in Hyena's right window, right-click and choose Shutdown. There's no way to stage them, but you could select smaller groups and give a different timeout value for each group.


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      Re: Multiple Server Shutdowns

      The one thing I noticed about the shutdown feature with Hyena and the resource kit is that it doesn't power off the machine. It sits at the window that says "Your computer is ready to be turned off"
      I have a vbs script that will actualy power off the computer. This particular one uses a dat file. So you enter the command as <span style="font-weight: bold">cscript killsite.vbs mycomputer.dat</span> I use this to shut down my remote sites on the weekends if I need the users to restart their machines. Or for what ever reason. I attached a dat file so you can see what yours should look like. Just put the computers name on each line.

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        Re: Multiple Server Shutdowns

        The only way to do the power off is through WMI. Hyena and the Resource Kit utility use a Win32 API, but it does not support a power down.

        Your script uses WMI, and offers a lot of flexibility.

        Hyena can also use WMI, and if you click on the Win32_OperatingSystem WMI query that we have, then right click on the resulting single instance that gets returned, you can select a shutdown, reboot, poweroff, etc.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.