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  • WMI queries question

    I have been working on this all day.

    All I want to do is, in exporter Pro, or the WMI queries tab, I want to be able to generate a listing that shows fields from two or more different WMI classes at once. For a very simple example, this way I can show:

    Serial Number


    on the same report! Exporter Pro seems to make me send this info to two seperate txt files, which makes the extra stop of combining them in Excel or something. Meanwhile the WMI query tab seems to only allow me to select from one class at a time. I suppose this is a limitation of the WMI query language, but I would think Hyena could run two seperate queries and somehow collate the results for me?

    Is it impossible to combine info from two different WMI classes into a single listview or TXT file?

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    Re: WMI queries question

    Unfortunately WMI does not support querying multiple classes at the same time. Your only option here would be to join the output files.


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      Re: WMI queries question

      If you include the __SERVER WMI symbol into the output, it is easy to join the files together.

      For more information on how to do this in Access, read:
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.