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Running simple command on multiple stations

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  • Running simple command on multiple stations

    We're running software by Faronics corporation on our network. The software is "DeepFreeze". Since we're not running the Enterprize edition there is no central console to perform multiple tasks on multiple machines. However, DeepFreeze "pro" edition (which we are using) does have a command-line utility (DFC.exe) which takes parameters. For instance:

    DFC.exe <password> /BOOTTHAWED

    My question is, is there a simple way (using hyena not standard windows tools) to run this command on multiple machines?


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    Re: Running simple command on multiple stations

    I assume that you want to run this command locally on each computer. But in case I misunderstood you, if you want to run this command for multiple computers on your computer, you would use the Tools->Generate Macro command for that.

    But, I believe that you want to execute this command on multiple computers. Hyena can't do that, as this is not something that Windows directly allows (remote command execution). However, there are two ways to do it:

    - Get PSEXEC from Its a free utility, and you can find lots of examples by searching for it on this board. Basically, it copies itself to a remote workstation, creates a service, runs the command, then removes itself.

    - Or, use WMI, IF your command does not involve any GUI created on the remote host. You will need the Enterprise Edition of Hyena to use this feature, however. Strange that both us and this other company have the same idea on features and 'editions', though. To use the WMI create remote process, just right click on any computer (or multiple computers in the right window), select WMI->Create Remote Process, and enter your parameters. You should experiment with one computer first, perhaps one that you can 'watch' to see what happens.

    Let us know what you wind up doing.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.