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    I notice someone post a problem accessing terminals with service pack 2 install. I'm having the same problem but trough active directory. I downloaded your software for demo it, to see if it would help us solve this problem. We been having a lot of problems accessing computers once we install the service pack 2. Is there anything we can deploy on active directory in order to gain access to this computers again.

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    Re: Service Pack2

    XP SP2 introduces the new Windows Firewall ,(under Control Panel->Windows Firewall) and be default has all ports closed. To enable these computers to be managed remotely you'll need to go in and enable File and Printer Sharing through the firewall.


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      Re: Service Pack2

      I remember reading on Microsoft's site about using Group Policy that can be used to either turn off the firewall or enable file/print sharing (remote admin)

      This keeps you from having to visit each computer, etc.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.


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        Re: Service Pack2

        Use group policy to configure the firewall settings.

        The setting is under Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Network - Network Connections - Windows Firewall - Domain Profile.

        Configure "Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception".

        You can configure File and Printer sharing there as well if needed. I would advise configuring the network scope(s) for added security.

        The machines will need to have group policy refreshed, or simply wait for the next refresh (usually 90 minutes + random offset).

        Hope this helps.