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  • moving computer objects

    Hi, again. This seems so obvious I think I am just missing something.

    I use two object groupings to organize my clients into those which I have been able to successfully reset a password (Password OK) and those I have not (Password Queue). To put a PC object from a AD container in that grouping, I have to right click and say Add to object manager and then go monkey around in the object manager to get it lined up in the object grouping where I want it. To move an object from the Not Done group to the Done group I have to visit the object manager and use the Move To button, which seems like a roundabout way... ????

    Is there any easier way to move a computer object from one grouping without going to the object manager? Like, drag and drop would be nice from the tree-list view screen. For that matter, is it possible to use a dragging operation in the tree-list view to move a PC object from one AD container to another (like I do in MMC?) Have I missed something totally obvious? Or I am trying to use the listview for something it's not designed to do?

    many thanks in advance for your patience while I try to learn this product.


    PS What topic can I post 'feature requests' on your BBS system?

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    Re: moving computer objects

    You would have to use the Object Manager as this is where you control what you see in the left window. You can drag and drop once on Object Manager, or as you've mentioned you can use the Move To option to move computers from one object grouping to another.