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    I have sorted the detailed compter view by last password set. I have pc's with passwords from 2002. When I ping those pc's they are active and I can view the logged in users. I thought the passwords reset every 7 to 10 days. These are wind 2000 pro in a wind 2000 AD. How can I find the "old pc's" for sure?

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    Re: Old pc's

    The objective is to narrow down your list of potential targets as much as possible. From what we understand from Microsoft and/or their documentation is that Pwd Last Set contains valuable information in determining dead computer accounts. Another is Last Logon and I'll explain how to add that to the Computer Detailed query further down.

    As an example let's assume you have 2000 computer accounts to start with, so you view the Computer Detailed query and sort on Pwd Last Set. From this you narrow it down to 300 "potential" computers. If the other 1700 computers show recent Pwd Last Set values, it is pretty safe to assume you don't want to delete those.

    Then you continue your testing on the remaining 300. You can use the Last Logon value to further narrow down your list, meaning any of the 300 that have a recent Last Logon date can be eliminated as probably still being in use.

    From there you can ping the remaining computers and further eliminate those that respond to your ping.

    With the remainder you can visually inspect the list to make sure you don't recognize any as being laptops, or belonging to employees on extended leave or whatever.

    At that point you should feel pretty safe that the computers remaining on your list are dead. I would recommend disabling the accounts for a week or so, and if noone complains you can go ahead and delete them.

    As far as adding Last Logon, you can go to File->Manage Object View->AD Queries, change the Query Type to Computers and click on Computers (Detailed). In the lower right change the Attribute Category to User Attributes, find and add Last Logon.

    When you run the Computer(Detailed) query you will have a new column of data for Last Logon.