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Software on client and OU path

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    Re: Software on client and OU path

    If you are using the Installed Software export there would be no way to add this field because that comes from AD, and this export is querying the registry of the computers.

    You can add distinguishedname to the AD Computers export to get the path containing the OU. This export would give you OS as well, just not the other software.

    If you need other software, you could probably join the two output files using Access to get what you need.

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  • AEV
    started a topic Software on client and OU path

    Software on client and OU path

    I am trying to run a report on clients that have (i.e.) .Net 1.0 installed along with what OU they are in.

    Can this be done in one report? I'm close just not there...