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Query the Global Catalog?

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    Re: Query the Global Catalog?

    You should get this to work by creating a Windows 2000/2003 domain object under File->Manage Object View. For the ADSI Path enter it in as GC://<path>.

    You should then be able to create a custom query that contains just the attributes that you want (and that are in the GC schema) and run that query by right clicking on the All Users, etc.

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  • diamondeye
    started a topic Query the Global Catalog?

    Query the Global Catalog?


    I get request for employee numbers, etc. for all people in my organization, not just my domain. We're all in the same forest, but it's a pain because I have to query 4 different domains and compile them into one report. Is it possible to query the Global Catalog for attributes which it posesses? Thanks.