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  • Domain service accounts

    Is there a way to find a domain service account, reset the password and then have the service restarted automatically?

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    Re: Domain service accounts

    I'm not quite sure I understand your question. If you need to reset the password for a service account, you can select the computers in Hyena's right window, right-click and choose More Functions->Service Startup. To the restart the service you will choose the Service Control option.


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      Re: Domain service accounts

      Let me elaborate. I need to find certain domain service accounts, reset the password and restart the service. The problem is that I do not know all of the server's that the individual service account resides on. Does that make sense?


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        Re: Domain service accounts

        You can use the Export functions in Hyena, either the Exporter Pro or the Run Export option and export services. This will create a delimited text file that will have all the services and information for the chosen computers.

        You can then open this file with Excel and sort it to see which computers/services use each particular account. From there you can take that and use the procedure I outlined above to actually change and restart them.