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  • Share path

    I understand how to copy shares from one server to another.

    Is there a way to copy the path the share points to to the new server? I want the path to be the same but I want it to start in the root level folder \OrgData.

    Thank you.

    Brian Elkins

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    Re: Share path

    When you copy the shares there is a box at the bottom where you can specify the New Base Path. In that box you will enter in:


    You'll have to create that directory first, then when you copy shares they will keep the same structure as on the source computer, except under the OrgData directory.


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      Re: Share path

      Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

      This is the path of the share I'm copying:

      \\fstis-data1\e$\TISM shares\1MASMD

      This is the path that I end up with:


      This is the path I want to end up with:

      \\fsmas-data\d$\OrgData\TISM shares\1MASMD

      I've already created the directory OrgData.

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        Re: Share path

        Try this for the base path:

        OrgData\TISM shares

        Make sure both the OrgData and TISM shares directories exist.


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          Re: Share path

          I was hoping to avoid having to type out every share path since I have about 80 to create!