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Exporting Printers

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Exporting Printers

    There's no way to import the data, so you'll have to troubleshoot the Copy function. RPC errors typically mean a communications issue of some sort. It could also mean the RPC service is stopped on either your client or the server, but I would suspect communication problems such as name resolution, etc.

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  • neospec
    started a topic Exporting Printers

    Exporting Printers

    I am trying to export my printers from Windows 2000 into Server 2003 using this product - When I try to "copy to" I get a RPC server is unavailable. I am able to access the target server, also able to resolve the hostname. I exported the printers themself, so how would I import them on the Server 2003 box?