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  • Report directory sizes

    I would like to create a report of certain directories and subdirectories sizes on servers but can't get the folder size to display in Hyena, only the file sizes appear.

    I searched the Microsoft site and the web for hacks to display this information in windows but it only seems to be possible through third party applications.

    Any suggestions to overcome this limitation would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Report directory sizes

    This is not an actual property for a folder, but must be calculated. There is a small utility called TreeSize that supposedly gives a nice report on this information.


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      Re: Report directory sizes

      Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I need a way to import the data into a spreadsheet and sort it out rather than printing as TreeSize does.

      There's a utility that came in the Resource Kit in NT 4.0 called DIRUSE.EXE that can be used in a command line or batch file which will work for us.

      What I would rather have is something like this:

      There's a "Folder Size Information in the Windows Explorer Details" shell extension that I found here:

      Could this type of shell extension be applied to Hyena to show the folder sizes, it works very well in Windows Explorer.



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        Re: Report directory sizes

        The code on CodeProject just adds up the sizes of the files, just like DirUse does from the Resource Kit. This can't really be put into a GUI as it has to really bog things down if you hit a series of directories with lots of files that have to be added up.

        We do have plans soon to extend Exporter Pro to handle files and directories, and this would be the logical place to put that.

        To join the beta group, send a blank email to [email protected]
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.