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  • Remote Desktop Assistance

    Hello, I saw in here that this is possible. But have not gotten it to work. Can anyone help. Right now, my workstation is Windows2000 Pro, and my other stations are Windows XP Pro. I'd like to be able to connect remotely and still have the user viewing the screen.
    My other option is to use remote admin r_admin.exe. This is the other part of my question too. I would like to be able to select from the tools and run remote with that machine.?

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    Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

    I take it you have 3 questions here.
    1) You want to be able to remote desktop into the XP machines from yours.
    Answer: you need to have terminal service client installed on your 2K machine or you can load tsweb on a web server or file share. unzip this to one of those and you can edit it as needed but you get the gist. I particularly like the drop down on the custom TSWEB when you have many servers.

    2) You want to be able to right click the computer and use r_admin. Here is the command you put in the tools. Just point it towards your local install of remote admin (viewer needed) or a sharepoint with the viewer files. \\servername\scripts\hyenatools\radmin\radmin.exe /connect:%E% /updates:1 (I use 10 for refresh otherwise it maxes the processor on the remote machine.

    3) You want to be able to remote manage. Like the back way in to the log's, users & services and such? Here is that other command for the remote management. mmc.exe c:\winnt\system32\compmgmt.msc /computer:%E%

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      Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

      Sweet.. thanks for the help. Hopfully you would not mind helping me with a few other questions.
      I've used this several times of the internet with Windows Messagner. But how would I be able to connect to a machine using remote desktop assitance? That way I can see what problems the user is having and they can see what I am doing to help them out.
      The other think is, I've not tried it yet. But I've seen with PCAnywhere and VNC a remote install, would you already know how to do that with Remote Admin? We are using Ver 2.2
      Thank you very much,


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        Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

        Very well.
        Out of my config.ini file (you should be able to figure this out)
        IDM_TOOL5=Install Remote Admin 2K/XP
        IDM_TOOLCMD5=\\servername\scripts\HyenaTools\Pstoo ls\psexec.exe \\%E% -u domain\username -p password -c -f "\\servername\Scripts\HyenaTools\Scripts\InstallRA 2KXP.bat"

        IDM_TOOL6=Install Remote Admin 2K/XP Laptop
        IDM_TOOLCMD6=\\servername\scripts\HyenaTools\Pstoo ls\psexec.exe \\%E% -u domain\username -p password -c -f "\\servername\Scripts\HyenaTools\Scripts\InstallRA 2KXPlptp.bat"

        IDM_TOOL7=Install Remote Admin NT Server
        IDM_TOOLCMD7=\\servername\scripts\HyenaTools\Pstoo ls\psexec.exe \\%E% -u domain\username -p password -c -f "\\servername\Scripts\HyenaTools\Scripts\InstallRA 2Ksvr.bat"

        Here is the shared folder I use. I have put everything in here you will need. You will obviously need to tweak the paths a bit but this should get you 98% of the way there.
        I use three seperate installs for the different OS. Remember, that this just installs the service and groups. You can look at the reg files and see how you can change the global groups names. Except the laptop reg file set's it to a password. I simply went in and set it to password, then went to the registry key as listed and exported it to edit this registry file.

        If you don't have the PS tools, you can download them from

        As for the remote desktop assistance issue, I haven't had a chance to make a tool for it. I know that their system has to have the remote assistance checked. I would think you could modify one of these tools to merge a registry key on the remote machine that would actualy make that box checked. Then the invite would be the part I am not sure of. I thought I saw a post in this forum on that subject but can't remember exactly where it was.

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          Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

          Thanks for the help.. go it working now.


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            Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

            I snagged this from the Remote part of the forum.

            You will need to edit the registry on the clients PC to allow unsolicited help........
            [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Win dows NT\Terminal Services]

            1. Create a file named rassist.vbs :

            ipstring = WScript.Arguments(0)
            set shell = createobject("")
   "hcp://CN=Microsoft%20Corporation,L=Redmond,S=Washington, C=US/Remote%20Assistance/Escalation/Unsolicited/unsolicitedrcui.htm"
            shell.AppActivate("Help and Support Center")
            wscript.sleep 2000
            shell.sendkeys "{TAB 9}"
            shell.sendkeys ipstring
            wscript.sleep 500
            shell.sendkeys "%c"

            2. Create a file named rassist.rcm

            MenuName=Remote Assistance
            ViewerCommand=cscript C:\Progra~1\Hyena\rassist.vbs %computer%

            3. Copy these two files in the Hyena directory : you will now have the Remote assistance option when you click on Remote control.

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              Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

              Thanks. I to saw that in the forum. The problem with that is it locks out the local user. I was looking for a way of using that and not locking the local user.


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                Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

                I use it and it works great. Both the user on the other end and I can interact.

                The one I listed above doesn't log or lock the other person out. BUT I'm working from XP Pro to XP Pro machine.

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                  Re: Remote Desktop Assistance

                  I'll have to try that. Right now I am working 2000 pro to xp pro.