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Getting User Information Path in Exporter Pro: LDAP

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  • Getting User Information Path in Exporter Pro: LDAP

    I have V6.0, and really love this product to do my admin work, however I am having some problems...

    I have about 18,000 users, of which 500 or so are in my area. The problem is, with so many departments, users moving from 1 location to the other, I have to do a audit to get user address from the exchange server. and then move user Home Directory if neccessary.

    I can get the user address information from exporter pro, but ONLY after I format the user names, something like this...

    LDAP://\, Lastname,CN=Users,DC=XXXXX,DC=net

    This is how I do it:
    I export all users names from Hyena (View NTFS permissions) to excel and then copy the domain\username to a text file.

    Import the text file to exporter pro and see all the names as domain\username.

    I now have to double click each name and change the path to
    LDAP://\, Lastname,CN=Users,DC=XXXXX,DC=net

    Is there any easy way to do this, to format the user path in Hyena or Exporter Pro...

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    Re: Getting User Information Path in Exporter Pro: LDAP

    I may not fully understand the question, but the way that I think you would want to do this is:

    - Display the users that you want to export information for in Hyena's right window, and select them.

    - Select Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. This will 'import' your users into Exporter Pro in the right format.

    But you might be able to just get this information in Hyena instead and just display it, then Control-A, Control-C, Control-V it into Excel, etc. To do that, you would need to identify which directory attributes you need in the output and modify Hyena's query with that attribute. Let us know if you want to try that instead.

    I assume that you have a way of identifying these users from the directory side instead of using the View NTFS permissions function, which does not return a user name in the right format. If these users are in the same OU, or have their location attribute set to some value that you can select on, that would be ideal.

    Let us know as there has got to be a better way to do this.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Getting User Information Path in Exporter Pro: LDAP

      Thanks for responding back: I know I ddi not explain clearly after I read my own post

      1: I open up Hyena and expand servers and see a list of all servers in the company.

      2: I expand my server (Server1) and select shares---- D$ --- Users Home directories (HD)and see a list of 280 or so in server1.

      3: Select all user HD's and right click and view NTFS permissions, for object only, show object owner.

      4: I cannot user "Export Selected objects" from tools---> export , as it gives me a error that only Domains, servers....can be exported...

      5: CTrl C (Select only object name and Member) and CTrl V to Excel, delete any duplicate entries and Ctrl C on the Member and Ctrl V to a text file.
      All entries in the text file are now
      Domain\User name

      6: Open up exporter pro, select Configuration---> inport Object file
      ---> Select Object type as AD Users---> and source file as the text file that I created.

      7: I see all 280 user names as domain\user name

      8: I double click on each name to bring up the object properties and click on the "....." box next to the Path Box and type in (or copy/paste) the user name, into the "select user" box. Then click OK

      9: The path now shows as
      LDAP:// Name\, Firstname ,CN=Users,DC=Domain,DC=net

      That's it, I have to do this for each and every user and this is how I get user Address from the Outlook/exchange address book and know if the user is current or needs to be move to another server.

      I have 8 servers with about 250-300 users each.

      Can the user path/name be imported to Exporter pro in the correct format in a easier way ??


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        Re: Getting User Information Path in Exporter Pro: LDAP

        Let me see if I can give you an alternate solution for this.

        From what I understand from your posts above is that you are using the View NTFS option to see what users have home directories on a particular server, then taking that list of users into Exporter Pro for further manipulation. I assume you have no other way of identifying your users, which is why you are going through this process.

        What you can try doing is right-click on the All Users object and choose Tabular Views->User(Detailed-General). Or, if the users that you deal with are in an OU you can double-click on the OU to display the users in the right window, select the users then right-click and choose Tabular Views->User(Detailed).

        You will now have the Home Directory field in the right window. Click the Filter icon on the toolbar and you'll see a text box above each column. In the box for Home Directory type in the name of the server that you are dealing with. Click enter and you will be left with the users that have their home directory on that server.

        Then you can simply select those users and choose Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects and they will have the appropriate path for you to perform your exports.

        Also, using this process you should be able to modify the Tabular View query to show the fields you want and eliminate the Exporter Pro step all together.

        Let us know if using this method will get you the data you are looking for.


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          Re: Getting User Information Path in Exporter Pro: LDAP

          I LOVE YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

          It works great !!!!!!
          Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!