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Can Hyena Uninstall software

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  • Can Hyena Uninstall software

    Wondering if Hyena can uninstall software that was or was not installed via GPO. Say the software, in this case, Visual Manufacturing, was installed manually to alot of computers. Trying to not have to goto each one and uninstall manually.


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    Re: Can Hyena Uninstall software

    The answer is 'yes' and 'no'. Microsoft did not really design Windows to have software uninstalled remotely. Only an application that can take a snapshot of a computer and know what changed (files, registry settings, etc.) can really know what to 'undo' to uninstall software.

    However, you can use WMI to initiate a software uninstall for you on a remote computer as long as the software was installed using a MSI package. What essentially happens is the WMI service on the remote computer carries out the Uninstall software for you.

    To do this, you need the Enterprise Edition, and then use the WMI object to list installed software applications (its one of the default classes that are setup already in Hyena). Select the application and right click and select Uninstall.

    Do this for one computer, then check to see if everything was removed that should have been, as this is done through WMI and not Hyena. If it works, you can initiate this action on any number of selected computers.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Can Hyena Uninstall software

      I found that in my case the Win32_Product class was not enumerated by default in Hyena. I did set this up though as a new WMI query. It seems to only work sometimes and is of course dependant on the health of WMI on the remote computer. Best of luck!