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Drive space reports from within Hyena

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  • Drive space reports from within Hyena

    I wish to report on drive space usage for (home directories and profile directories) for users within our AD domain.

    I currently use tree size pro to do this, however now i need to arrange the results against departments.

    I am now running a Exporter pro report from within Hyena and a tree size report and then importing to excel and running vlookup.

    Can Hyena do all of this itself? Simply running a report that will output 1. Username, 2. Departement 3. Size of Home drive. 4. Size of profile. From there i can sort in excel to find the combined data usage per department. IS this possible??

    Any help is always appreciated, without Hyena normal tasks would not be as easy.

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    Re: Drive space reports from within Hyena

    Unfortunately this is not an option at this time. It may be a future possibility, though.