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  • Export Scheduled Tasks

    Is it possible to use Exporter Pro to query all servers in my environment and report on the details of scheduled tasks? ServerName, Name of task, ID used to run the task, When Scheduled, Executable, etc.
    I know I can use Hyena to report on it by highlighting multiple machines in the right pane and selecting Scheduled tasks, but I was hoping to do it in the background and not having to press OK when a machine doesn 't have the service turned on.

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    Re: Export Scheduled Tasks

    Exporter Pro can export Scheduled Tasks for you. Select your servers in Hyena, then choose Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, double-click on Scheduled Jobs/Tasks in the right window of Exporter Pro, enable it and enter in an output file name. Click OK until you get back to the first dialog then choose Start Export.