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Changing server names (bulk)

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  • Changing server names (bulk)

    In our we wish to change Home drive paths and profile paths in bulk from one server name to another.
    Currently the paths are pointing to \\servera\username
    We wish to change them to \\serverB\username

    Not all our accounts point to the same server.

    Is there a way to change all of these names, like a find and replace?

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    Re: Changing server names (bulk)

    You can create a home directory template under Tools->Settings->Home Dir to point to the new location. Once you have that setup the way you want, then select your user accounts in Hyena's right window, right-click and choose User Properties.

    Go to the Profile tab and enter in the new server information in the path and click OK. Hyena will modify the selected users and apply the template you created.