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  • **** Whats going wrong ****

    Hi there,

    Two questions, so if anyone can help that would be great...

    1st...Have set up VNC within hyena, every time I connect to a remote p.c on the LAN to do a job it leave the VNC client, and this would allow the user to connect to other p.c's on the LAN, I know that they would need a computer name and password, its just to get rid of the VNC folder on the client


    In the tools options, I have made a new tool which will install the office anti-virus software. the problem is I have put the path into the tool, but with no joy is it working, the .bat file runs from the log in script, but not from the "tool" option..

    Have a look

    The command line looks like this


    am I missing a \ switch to install on the remote p.c?????????

    "Help" "Help" would be great

    Kind Regards


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    Re: **** Whats going wrong ****

    If you are using Hyena's remote control option to install VNC, it can also uninstall VNC as well. There is a check box on the remote control configuration dialog for this. Run the strcm utility to look at the options.

    As for your tool, what exactly happens when you run it ? Do you get an error ? If you are running this against a remote computer, it would seem that it would need to know what computer to process. You first need to get it to work outside of Hyena. Once you do, just figure out what the command line is and setup Hyena's tool command to be the same, substituting %E% (or \\%E%) for the computer name.

    Let us know more information if you still have problems.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.