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DFS Volume Export - How?

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  • DFS Volume Export - How?

    If I open a Windows 2000 DC and select the DFS Volumes from the LH Panel, I can display all the DFS Volumes and their physical locations.

    How can I save/export this?

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    Re: DFS Volume Export - How?

    Unfortunately there is no way to do this at this time. What you might want to experiment with is using the new WMI functions in v6.0. There should be a WMI class for Dfs.


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      Re: DFS Volume Export - How?

      Unfortunately, it appears that the only WMI classes for DFS are part of Windows 2003 (at least according to the documentation). The WMI class Win32_DfsTarget appears to be what you want, but this class may only work when used against Windows 2003 computers.

      We'll consider adding this to the next release of Exporter Pro.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.


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        Re: DFS Volume Export - How?

        Surely it if can be displayed in the left pane, there should be some simple way to print/export the information as it is already available???

        Looking back through the forums, it appears a similar request was made around 2 years ago. It would be a shame if such a useful report would take the same time again to appear.

        Has anyone come across any tools that can already produce this?