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Hyena in Read Only Mode?

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  • Hyena in Read Only Mode?


    I know this must sound strange, but..

    Can I limit the use of Hyena to “Read Only”?

    Here’s the problem: We are using Bind Views BV Admin for our AD management, and have lots of templates and rules used to enforce certain things, which can be circumvented using Hyena, or other native tools like AD Users and Computers.

    We have a GPO restricting usage of the AD Users and Computers Snap-In, but I don’t want to prohibit the use of Hyena, as it is a SUPER TOOL that no administrator should be without.

    I know that I can remove such things as Containers/OUs, All Groups, All Users, etc. from the Object view in Hyena, but how could I keep an admin from changing his / her Object view, or preferably, as stated earlier, allow only Read Only on Active Directory Objects?

    I would appreciate any help!


    David Rosenthal

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    Re: Hyena in Read Only Mode?

    Unfortunately there's no Read Only mode for Hyena, but when you are restricting items from view using Node Manager (File->Manage Object View->Nodes) you are modifying a file called ad_nodes.dat.

    You could set securiy on tha file to be read only for them, then even if they find the Node Manager they won't be able to save the changes when they close that dialog.


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      Re: Hyena in Read Only Mode?

      My company is looking to move away from DRA (netIQ software)and using Hyena. I am just doing some research and found this post. I have disabled everything except the OU's. The next question is it possible to direct Hyena to a single OU? Like all of our users and computers are under one OU and we wouldn't mind hiding the other ones where they don't need to be.



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        Re: Hyena in Read Only Mode?

        There's no way to have Hyena open to a specific OU, but you can create a Container/OU object in Object Manager and direct them to always use that. Just disable everything under the actual domain object.


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          Re: Hyena in Read Only Mode?

          Awesome, worked liked a champ!

          Thanks Chuck