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  • Basic Inventory question

    I have Hyena v5.7 and I'm using it in an Active Directory domain.
    I have a fairly simple question, but I haven't worked much with Hyena, so I need some guidance...

    Is there a simple way to pull a comprehensive inventory of all the machines in my domain - including the following:

    Machine Name
    Hardware config - disk configuration and RAM
    OS and Service pack/hotfix configuration
    Installed applications
    User and group accounts added locally to machine
    Printers installed on machines

    Any suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Basic Inventory question

    There's no single report that will give you all of this, so you'll have to combine the outputs of each into your own report. Using the Exporter Pro under Tools->Exporter Pro, you will be able to configure it to export most of what you require.