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    I'm having a problem with my Hyena. When some admin users try to execute the program, it just does nothing. (Nothing = the mouse cursor change to the working icon, and changes back to the standard icon after a couple of seconds. The Hyena program is not executed, and it is not in the process or active application either.)

    I thought it my be a problem with the licensed users. My licence enable 5 users. How do I choose those users? Are they automatiquely chosen with the Local Administrators, or?

    If the problem is not related to licensing, can someone help me with this?

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    Re: Choose Licensed Users

    Licensing isn't the issue in this case, but make sure you have no more than 5 users using Hyena.

    This sounds like one of the configuration files, or a registry setting have been corrupted. On one of the computers that is having problems, open regedt32 and find and delete the following key:

    hkey_current_user\software\adkins resource\hyena

    After you do that try running Hyena again and let us know if that gets you in.


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      Re: Choose Licensed Users

      It has worked... i had to enter the serial number again, but after it worked perfectly

      Thanks a lot!