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    I need to know how to query "All" objects in AD..

    I'd like to customize it so I get the following:

    NUmber of ojects in AD
    Then break it down by what these objects are ie 300 servers, 200 users, etc...please help

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    Re: Query

    While you can get Hyena to retrieve all of the objects in AD, it would be able to give you object counts. What you can do is get Hyena to retrieve everything, then dump this data into Excel or Access to create totals. In Access, you would create a query and use the Totals button to give you subtotals.

    To get all of the objects in Hyena, first expand the domain, then click once on Containers/OUs. Then, click on the first toolbar botton of the bottom of the screen (Traverse Containers). Next, double-click on the Containers/OUs object. Once the data is displayed in the right window, Control-A, then Control-C to copy to the clipboard.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.