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Using Telnet as a tool

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  • Using Telnet as a tool

    I am using windows XP, and have set up Telnet as a tool in Hyena v. 5.7, and here is the tool string:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\telnet.exe %E%
    It seems to open correctly, but closes really quickly after opening. Is there something else I need to add to the string, or be able to see why it closes so fast. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Using Telnet as a tool

    What happens if you go to Start->Run and try to telnet to the same computer you are selecting in Hyena?


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      Re: Using Telnet as a tool

      When I go and use telnet manually, it works just fine.


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        Re: Using Telnet as a tool

        I tested this and it works fine. The only way I can duplicate this is to try and telnet to a computer that is not accessible by telnet.

        Make sure the computer you choose can accept telnet connections, and that there are no typos or anything like that in your command. Beyond that I'm not sure what else you could have going on.