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Active vs Disabled Users

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  • Active vs Disabled Users

    How can I get a list of only the active users (excluding the disabled accounts) in a domain?

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    Re: Active vs Disabled Users

    There's no way to filter these out, but you can visually see the disabled accounts on your screen because they have a red icon with a white X beside them.

    If you are in a Windows 2000 domain, you can right-click on All Users and choose Tabular Views->Users (Detailed-General) and look in the right window for a column titled Role. If you click on the title it will sort the records by that column and you'll be able to see which are disabled/enabled.

    Another option would be that when you have your users displayed in the right window you can do a Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c to open the Copy List Window. This allows you to save that information to a delimited text file. Check the box to Include Icon IDs in Output. Open this file with Excel and you'll be able to figure out which icon ID is for Disabled accounts and sort, then remove them from the file.