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  • Macros

    I would like to clean up the hyena directory and I have created a seperate folder called macros. The macros folder is located inside the same directory the config.ini file resides in. However, once i move the *.hym files to the new macro directory I have to manully browse to the macro directory in order for hyena to see them. If i leave the *.hym files in the same directory as the config.ini folder they are present when I click the generate macro button. How can I house the macros in their own directory and have hyena remember this setting?

    hyena is set to use shared settings!

    Folder structure is the following:

    Instsall Foder For hyena:
    c:\program files\hyena

    Config.ini location:
    c:\program files\hyena\hyenatools\

    Macro Directory:
    c:\program files\hyena\hyenatools\macros

    Hopefully someone can help me!

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    Re: Macros

    I'm looking for the same info, so would like to bump this thread as well...


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      Re: Macros

      There isn't any way (currently) to tell Hyena where to look for macros, but this could be easily added in the next update, as it would have to be tested a bit. If you would like to test such a change, please let us know.

      But you might be able to work around it by using the setting that is used now, which is the object file location path. This is set under Tools->Settings->General, under the "Path to Object Manager and other shared configuration files". If you specify a directory here, and if the file(s) being looked for exist in that directory, it will be used instead of the default. So you essentially only need to place the files into this directory that you want to either share with others or have separate from your other files.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.