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    When I try to see logged on users in my AD child domain, Hyena tries to ping the computers using the AD domain name as the DNS suffix instead of the real DNS suffix on the computer.

    How can I get it to use the correct network name for my computers?


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    Re: Logged on Users

    If you don't need the ping option, you can disable it, but I assume that you have turned it on in order to reduce timeout errors when computers are offline. The release v5.5 does not have a way to address this issue, as it gets the DNS address from the 'dnshostname' attribute in Active Directory. You are probably using a DNS configuration that is not providing the right address format for AD. (Let me know if you suspect otherwise)

    The beta version of Hyena v5.7 allow you to use the Netbios name for ping operations, thereby bypassing this problem. If you want to join the beta list, send an empty email to [email protected]. There are not any features in the beta that would be harmful in a production environment. To set the new "Use Netbios w/Ping" option, go into Tools->Settings->View, Ping Options.

    Let us know if this fixes this problem.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Logged on Users

      Just to let some people know...

      I had the same issue with the Ping option. The DNS clients weren't registering correctly in the DNS (they weren't appending the proper, or any, suffix).

      Using the "Ping with NetBIOS", I was able to still utilize the Ping option and get proper returns on whether the machine was active or not. Now, to just go around and fix the network properties of all those clients...

      Ah, the joy and network administration...