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Connection to SUNOne Directory Services using LDAP

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  • Connection to SUNOne Directory Services using LDAP

    I'm having connectivity issues when attempting to connect to our SunOne directory server using Hyena 5.5(b). Using the Obj.Manager config., I've keyed in LDAP://ldapservername ort/OU=container3,ou=container2,o=topcontainer.

    It's timing out, saying that the server is not operational. Yes, it is.
    Is it trying to authenticate me? Shouldn't it be?

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    Re: Connection to SUNOne Directory Services using LDAP

    Hyena may only be able to communicate with Microsoft Active Directory; we don't have a way to test other directory services. And to make matters worse, there isn't a good source of information on the various syntax requirements in Microsoft directory services. I can't fully understand the path that you supplied, but there may be a problem using the OU/container object if you omit any DC= portions of an LDAP path. Hyena uses the DC= portions to sort of reverse-engineer a domain, from which it gets a server to communicate with.

    In an ideal and perfect world, Hyena could just use a directory path and get the objects from the path directly. But the majority of functions that Hyena uses don't support Active Directory (like getting disk space, event logs, shares, etc.) so Hyena must usually deal with a server.

    Additionally, the objects that Hyena supports are hard coded to the results of the query. So unless the directory service has 100% compatibility with Microsoft's Active Directory, there won't be a way to manage the directory objects anyway that would be found in a 3rd-party directory.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.