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  • Is this possible?

    Is there a way to display a list of all computer accounts in one of our domains and display the the last password set date on the computer account, so we can easily see which computer accounts are old and unused? We'd like to get rid of all the old computer accounts people created and left in the domain.


    P.S. See for a stand-alone product that does this for an example...

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    Re: Is this possible?

    For Windows 2000 Domains what you can do is right-click on the Computers object for your domain (not the Computers OU, but the Computers object further down) and choose Tabular Views->Computer(Detailed).

    This will display the information in the right window and you will look for the Pwd Last Set field.

    Computers set this password periodically (30 days maybe?), so you can find the computers that have a last set date older than what appears to be normal. These will be computers that have not been turned on for approximately that long.