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    How can I limit the export below to only my servers ?
    "posted 12-03-2003 07:31 AM
    First, if you don't have a configuration setup already, click Configuration->New. For simplicity, you can enter the same value for all three items, like the name of your organization. Just enter a name, no punctuation, etc. for all three items. Click OK.
    Start by adding one of your domains to the left window (object list). Click Edit->New Object. Set the Object Type to be the type of domain, enter in a display name, and for the path either enter the name of the domain.

    Next, click Configuration->Properties and select Local/NT Groups. Check the box to Export Group Members and then type in an output file name. Check the Only export... checkbox, then enter in a file name such as grouplist.dat. Click Edit and click Yes to create the file. Type in Administrators in the file, then save and close the file.

    Click OK to close the Export Properties dialog.

    Run the export (Export->Start Export). The resulting file will contain the members of the Administrators group for each computer in the domain.

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    Re: Export limit

    You can either use the Set Filter options on the Computer tab, or create an Object Grouping with the servers you want to export for.