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  • Object Manager For Particular OU

    What I am trying to do is create a object view for a particular OU that I manage and would like this OU to be my default view. The way it is now once hyena is open I have to drill all the way down to the OU I manage.
    Is there a way to create a seperate object view for just a particular OU. I have managed to create a view by choosing file/manage object view then for the type I choose windows 200/2003 domain give the adsi path then give the adsi server path in the form of server/ou=something,ou=somethin2,ou=something3,ou=users,d c=test,dc=com

    Is this the correct way of creating an object view for a particular OU?


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    Re: Object Manager For Particular OU

    Here are the instructions to do this:

    Find that OU in Hyena and right-click on it and choose properties. Then click the Object tab and find the Full Object Directory Path. Copy that, and then close that dialog.

    Go to File->Manage Object View and click New. In the Type drop-down choose Windows 2000/2003 Domain. Give it a name and then paste in what you copied above into the ADSI Path box. Type in the name of one of your domain controllers in the ADSI Server box, then click Add and then OK.

    You should now see this object in Hyena's left window and be able to expand it for further management.


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      Re: Object Manager For Particular OU

      ok the way i did it is exactly the way you explained it. I was just wondering if that was the correct way and you explained it a lot better than I did in my first post. Thanks.


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        Re: Object Manager For Particular OU

        We hope to offer this as a standard option in the next release.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.