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  • List of users and Computers

    I have a list of computer names that i need to find out who is logged on to. It is about 300 of them and i was hoping there was a way i could put them all in a file and import the list into hyena and have it generate a list of who is logged onto these machines, Doing them 1 at a time is taking me way to long. Is there a way to do this. Even if i could just export out the computers with the person who is logged in i could do the rest myself in excel.

    Also is there a way to get a list of the last time a computer account accessed the network??? There a a bunch of Computer names in our domain that need to be cleaned up and if it hasn't been on in the last 90 days or so it probably isn't coming back.

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    Re: List of users and Computers

    Since you have your list of computers, it would probably be easier to use the psloggedon utility from in a batch file.

    For your computer accounts question, is this Windows NT or 2000.