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  • Importing QSTATION.DAT

    I am installing Hyena on a new computer and need my Quick Access nodes. I see where I can import them if I have a QSTATION.DAT file but I can't find that file on my old computer. How do I import my Quick Access nodes from my old computer to my new computer? Thanks!

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    Re: Importing QSTATION.DAT

    QSTATION.DAT would have been used if you had an older version of Hyena. Recent versions use a file called ad_objects.dat. Search your old computer for that file, and if you find that, just copy it over the same file on your new computer.

    When you run Hyena again you should see the changes.


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      Re: Importing QSTATION.DAT

      How do I create an import file aka qstation.dat file? I have around 40+ workgroup servers in our environment and I am trying to avoid adding each on by hand. I have all the information in excel.



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        Re: Importing QSTATION.DAT

        Create a text file and name it qstation.dat and then add your entries look like:

        ComputerA ComputerList
        ComputerB ComputerList
        ComputerC ComputerList

        There are 2 tabs between those. The ComputerList part I specified above is the grouping folder that will be created when you import this list, and can be named anything you want. Use the same one for all of these computers to keep them in the same grouping.

        Then go to File->Manage Object View and click the Import Computer List button.