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Group Policy Editor on Windows 2000

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  • Group Policy Editor on Windows 2000

    Does Hyena have the capabilty to modify the Local Group Policy on a Windows 2000 computer? I have about 300 machines that are in a workgroup that I need to modify the group policy on each machine. Is this possible? I've read through the Help File and did a search on the message board and couldn't come up with much. The only thing I could find was this:

    Managing Group Policy Object Information

    Group Policy Object (GPO) information is available and can be managed from several locations in Hyena:

    Hyena's OU Properties dialog includes options to view linked GPOs, edit, manage Properties, and set individual GPO options.

    The "Policies" container can be opened in Hyena to display all defined GPOs, with options to set the Properties and Edit any selected GPO. The Policies container is a sub-container of the System container under the main Containers/OUs object.

    The context menu option "Browse for GPO" for the Containers/OUs object in Hyena can be used to create, delete, or manage GPO objects.

    Where is Hyena's OU Properties? I can't seem to find it anywhere. If it can be edited is there an way to deploy this change to all 300 machines.? Unfortunatley I can't put these machines in a domain. I'm new to hyena so but I love this product.Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Group Policy Editor on Windows 2000

    To help me better understand this, please let me know the steps/tools that you use now to modify the local group policy on your computers now. ie, how do you do it outside of Hyena ?

    But Hyena can only manage group policies that are associated with an Active Directory domain. If you create/modify the domain type in Hyena to be a Windows 2000/2003 domain, you should see an OUs object when you expand a domain. From there, you can right click on OUs, or a given OU to select the Properties button.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.