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  • Searching Multiple Users

    First off.. GREAT APP! I recently moved to a much larger organization and have already sent off the requisition to order!

    Now, I badly need the ability to search for multiple users at one time. I recently did an audit of our OU within AD and located about 400 possible old accounts. I need the ability to search the entire domain for these accounts and typing them in one at a time is not a option because of the time and possibility that I may have to do this globally.

    So, how can I do this with Hyena or is there another way?? I thought about an LDAP query but I cannot get the syntax right. Basically, I have a list of hundreds of usernames to search by. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Searching Multiple Users

    If these users have something in common, like a prefix to the Description, or the username, or something like that you could use the Filter function.

    What are you going to do with these accounts once you find them?


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      Re: Searching Multiple Users

      I just want to locate them and make sure they are in the correct OU or that they are still valid.

      There will be no similarities between the users because they could be front line employees or they could be the CEO. I just need a way to search the domain for users by providing more than one username to search by.

      In database terms....
      Select Users
      Where username in ('jdoe','tpetty','sample')
      From ActiveDirectory

      Lol.. sorry, just finished studying SQL.


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        Re: Searching Multiple Users

        Unfortunately this is not possible in Hyena.

        It might be possible to view certain data in Hyena's right window for all users, then copy that out to a delimited text file. Once you have that file you should be able to use Access to do a query like you need.

        (That SQL experience might come in handy after all!)

        Just send an email to [email protected] and we'll send you some steps you can try.


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          Re: Searching Multiple Users

          Well, there's an upgrade request for ya!

          Thanks for the awsome app.


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            Re: Searching Multiple Users

            I love the Access idea tho. Trying it now.



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              Re: Searching Multiple Users

              This is a bit hard to do in Hyena's GUI, but here is a rather wierd way that you can do this.

              First, you need to modify (or create a new one) one of Hyena's User queries to contain the directory attribute 'comment'. Run this query on all user accounts and verify that the comment field is blank in the directory. It should be as only Hyena and the Net User command can modify it in general.

              Then, create a batch file using Excel/Access to have the command for each user like this:

              net user username /usercomment:XXX

              put in the <username> above the username of your account, and put in any text that you want for the XXX above. Test this on one account first, then create this batch file so that you have one line per account. Do this on a test account to make sure that you can log into the account after makeing this change (to make sure the password does not get changed).

              You should be able to run your query in Hyena again to verify that you have your "XXX" in the comment field now.

              Now, you can simply sort your user accounts on the comment field and get just the ones that you want (the others will be blank), and verify whatever else you need to.

              If you need help modifying the query in Hyena to show the comment field, contact [email protected]
              Kevin Stanush
              SystemTools Software Inc.


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                Re: Searching Multiple Users

                After trying the export feature, I discovered two little issues....

                The export is sticking at 100 users exported..

                Also, will the object location be exported this way?


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                  Re: Searching Multiple Users

                  Exporter won't work for this method. You'd have to run a query on All Users then copy that data out.

                  Kevin's suggestion may work better for this, though.


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                    Re: Searching Multiple Users

                    Kevin's suggestion is very nice, however I don't have control of the whole OU structure, therefore I can't update the notes on all of these accounts... DOH

                    I did find a nice way to get this accomplished with Access tho..

                    1) Export a csv with the entire user list of the domain (including object location if possible)
                    2) Create Database with this list from csv
                    3) Create Database with list of users I need to locate from my list
                    4) Join the 2 in a query
                    5) whala!

                    Now, how can I do this easily in Hyena (So I can push the request through to purchase)?? Please help me with the copy or another way to export.




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                      Re: Searching Multiple Users

                      What you will need to do is right-click on All Users and choose Tabular Views then one of the queries.

                      Users (Detailed - General) may give you everything you need, but if not we can tell you how to modify the query.

                      Once it is displayed in the right window, simply do a Ctrl-a to select everything, then a Ctrl-c to open the Copy List Window. This lets you save the data to a delimited file.


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                        Re: Searching Multiple Users

                        Email sent asking how to modify the query