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  • Admin rights required

    I wish to use Hyena to see disk space info, and services info for member servers of various domains within our organization.
    Would being a member of the Backup Operators local group in these domains be sufficient for this purpose while preventing me from making changes or accessing sensitive data?


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    Re: Admin rights required

    You can test this easily by trying to view disk space for one of these computers, but I don't believe that would get you there.

    Hyena will attach to the Admin shares such as C$, D$, etc.

    If that doesn't work, your options would be to have them create separate shares for you that only you have access to. One for each drive.

    Using Hyena's Remote Share Mask function, you'd then be able to get this information.

    If this sounds like something you'd like to try, email [email protected] and we'll explain this further.


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      Re: Admin rights required

      On a test box I created a local user and made it a member of the backup operators group, logged in to the local machine as that account and opened Hyena. It seemed to work for what I needed. Our system admin group is understandably concerned about granting too much access, but as a member of the group responsible for backups of these servers I need access to diskspace and services info.

      Thought you might have some reference document listing minimum rights required to utilize the various functions of Hyena.

      Thank you again.