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  • Multiple Admin rights

    We are in a Winnt 4.0 domain. We are unfortuante to many, many people in the Domain Admins group (which cant be changed until we go to AD). Is there a way to limit the program to a specific user? We are currently using the demo and the full version is in the process of getting approved. Another user heard about the program who has domain admin rights, but is not allowed to do anything on the network without going through me first, and downloaded the program to his desktop and has full access to the program. I have been thinking og using Hyena to remove from program remotely, but I seek other methods if possible....

    Thanks all

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    Re: Multiple Admin rights

    Unfortunately there's not much you can do in this situation. Hyena uses standard Windows functions which depend on Windows to handle security.

    So, if a Domain Admin uses Hyena, there's no way to keep them from using it to make changes.