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Determining what Computer accounts are active

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  • Determining what Computer accounts are active

    I have a task: To make a list of all computer accounts in an NT 4 domain and flag them as active or inactive.

    I have a script that I ran once a day at different times that gives me this output and then put in into a SQL database and any computer account that has an active for any read will not get nuked. The script takes 6 hours to complete. Is there some property that Hyena uses to determine if an account is online or not? I know the greyed out ones are "offline" How do you determine if the commputer is offline and are able to refresh this so fast. I do not know of any ADSI property that has this.

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    Re: Determining what Computer accounts are active


    You could do the following. I use this as a part of my script that scans all machines in the domain and checks to see if they have a service missing (like Anti-virus). This produces a .tmp file that can be parsed for the active computers. Not 100%, as it basically relies on the the browser service, but it's a start:

    strTempFile = "c:\~" & strDomain & ".tmp"

    ' Check whether the file exists.
    If (fso.FileExists(strTempFile)) Then ' File exist; delete it (it will be created by the command itself)
    End If

    strRunPath = "cmd /c net view /domain:" & strDomain & " > " & strTempFile

    WScript.Sleep(1000) ' pause to allow the Run command to complete

    You can parse the file like this:
    Set objTempFile = fso.OpenTextFile(strTempFile, 1, false)
    'read until the end of the file
    While Not objTempFile.AtEndOfStream
    strTempLine = objTempFile.ReadLine
    'MsgBox Left(strTempLine,2)
    If Left(strTempLine,2) = "\" Then
    strComputer = Mid(Trim(Left(strTempLine,23)),3)
    '**** here, add whatever you need to do to the computer name (like add it to your SQL database??)
    End If

    Hope this helps!!